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Professional Wealth Insurance Advisors


There are several "i" factors that differentiate us:

  • Integrity - every program developed is based on the best possible outcome for the client.

  • Intentional - our substantial experience means every recommendation is critically constructed and considered. Our programs are well researched, designed and executed.

  • Intelligence - we offer a team of educated, well-informed, and time-proven advisors. We have designed and implemented sophisticated  legacy plans for some of America's wealthiest families. 

  • Instructional - we strive to make  sure your clients understand the strategies, tactics, benefits and risks of our wealth transfer plans. 

Merit + Heritage = Meritage

Meritage was founded on the cornerstone of two key strengths: experience and excellence.  We bring a respected and extensive history (heritage) of excellent service (merit) to high net worth clients.

Through years of work with our financial advisors' most important client relationships, we understand how the wealthy make decisions. We can assess client tolerance for complexity. And the importance of gaining consensus among tax and legal advisors. Expertly designed programs and plans that exceed client expectations is our standard. Hence the name Meritage. 

  • Meritto claim respect; excellence; worth. 

  • Heritage: something that is handed down from the past, as a tradition

Additionally - we built this firm to see the individual in every situation. The lower case  "i"  is intentional.  Because, the process of creating solutions for clients is never about us. Every client is unique so every program we recommend is custom designed to meet the needs of the individual clients. The best interest of your client is always paramount.

Also, notice the "i" is in the middle of the word. We strive to be the middle of the equation, standing alongside the client and the advisor to create coherent solutions.

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Meritage is a National Insurance General Agency with full support capability for client advisors managing important, sophisticated client relationships. Our team offers:

  • Point of sale support when meeting with clients

  • Advanced case design access through private practice rms and life insurance carrier legal and accounting professionals

  • Numerous life insurance carrier relationships based on exceptional track records of placing large cases

  • Back-office support with high-end case management experience and underwriting support

  • Seasoned administrative staff and operational support with decades of experience.

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Proven Performance over the Decades

  • Highly credentialed with 125+ years of aggregate experience.

  • Ability to navigate Jumbo life insurance cases (underwriting support and servicing)

  • Ten+ on-team support and advisory professionals located throughout the country

  • Local support with national capabilities

  • Back office structured to accommodate sophisticated, complex underwriting strategies

  • Experienced in providing consultative strategies involving Family Planning, Legacy Planning, Retirement Planning and Business Planning for your clients and professional advisors

  • Broad experience with private practice and institutional practice

  • Supported by a dedicated sales and service desk to manage submitted cases from application to issue

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A Century of Experience at Your Service

Our founding partners each have close to 25 years of experience working with highly successful Financial Advisors in a consultative capacity. During our tenure at previous firms, our partners were:

  • Industry leaders

  • Responsible for the development, design and implementation of customized insurance plans

  • Part of a specialty business unit supporting the Private Bank and Financial Advisors

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