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Charitable Giving Planning

There are various reasons that families will donate assets to charity, primarily to help others in need.  The benefit of helping others is usually a driving factor.  But we cannot ignore other circumstances that may motivate someone to donate.  Due to the tax-code we live under, charitable giving can also provide a family with significant deductions on their gifts, saving a significant amount on taxes.   And still others may enjoy the recognition and accolades they can receive from their gift, such as their name on a building or front-row seats to the athletic event of their choice.  Whatever the motivation a donor may have, there are some important impacts of giving that cannot be ignored.   Proper planning, including trusts, Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Foundations, and life insurance can all help make the charitable planning more effective for the donor and their family.  Life insurance can help maximize the charitable gift and still provide assets to family members in a tax efficient manner.  

Want to learn more?  See below array of planning guides from some of our core carriers.

John Hancock Planning Guide

Lincoln Life Charitable Giving Guide

Prudential - Five Charitable Giving Strategies

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