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Annuity Planning

Annuities can function as a strategic part of a client's retirement plan, helping them plan for financial challenges like rising healthcare costs, long-term care, and an increasingly unpredictable global market. Annuity products have existed since the Roman Empire.  And yet, even today, these products are often misunderstood.

      Seasoned planners understand that annuities may be an option that can help clients meet their needs for retirement income. However,  few people understand the features, benefits and shortcomings of annuities.

The discussion surrounding annuities may be due to the lack of education among consumers. This issue might also be compounded by some advisors who do not provide enough education to clients about these products. These issues could lead many retirees to stay away from these products altogether.  The bottom line: an annuity can be a great tool as part of a  retirement plan.  However, they are complex, and clients need to understand their terms to make sure they’re performing as expected and helping them accomplish their goals. 


It is important to know which common perceptions about annuities are based on misinformation and which ones may be grounded in reality. Below are two helpful guides on annuities and use of annuities for retirement planning.


Annuity Guide

Fixed Index Annuities as a Part of Retirement Planning

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