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Insurance Planning

Accurately predicting what’s ahead is not only difficult, but also normally impossible. However, being prepared for the unexpected is a matter of conscience management and fulfilling the commitment to those who rely on your guidance. After all, successfully navigating major life events often means using the right tools and strategies to address what matters most to the people you serve.

     Life insurance is a tool to help accomplish multiple financial items most clients find important:

  • a secure retirement

  • replacing income

  • preserving a business

  • addressing long-term care costs 

  • enhancing a legacy.

     Considered and applied properly, life insurance functions like an asset class. All asset classes are intended to counter a particular type of risk and address a failed financial outcome if not included. Life insurance, in identical fashion, mitigates against the unfortunate financial impact of an event occurring earlier than expected or in greater severity than otherwise considered. Possibly the most important component in assembling an effective, appropriate life insurance program is the resource chosen for support.

     Here are a few conversation starters and tools to use when discussing insurance planning with your clients.

Reviewing document

Life Policy Review

Whether you were involved when your client purchased a life policy or not, you can help your clients determine if their permanent life insurance policy is performing to its full potential. Formal reviews often uncover many life insurance policies that could be improved by a new policy.

      Factors such as retirement goals, savings, market performance or personal developments, the various considerations made when purchasing the original policy, have likely changed. A policy review helps ensure confidence that their policy is performing to its full potential.

Insurance Planning Opportunities

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Life Insurance Products Guide

Beneficiary Designation Guide

Equitable - Policy Review Guide

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