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Legacy Planning

Now is the time to talk with your high net worth clients about Legacy Planning.  A client's many years of hard work, building either a personal, family or business estate, cannot be left to chance. This sort of planning must be done before a person passes away.  If your clients don't have a plan in place for their estate, the management of the estate or remaining assets might go against their wishes once it is passed on. With proper planning, after a person passes away, their wealth and possessions are passed on to next of kin, designated  people or charities specified in their will. Legacy planning is especially important for those with small businesses or other assets that require maintenance.

     Just as with writing a will, it's important to for your clients to start planning legacy early so that when the time comes, their affairs are in order. Together we can better prepare your clients and implement their wishes via their legacy plan. 

Power of an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust 

Legacy Planning Documents

Legacy Protection Tools

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